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Setting up email in Outlook Express

Outlook Express 6

Add a New Account:
Here are the steps for setting up Outlook Express 6 to send and receive email:

1) Go to "Tools" on the top menu bar
2) Select "Accounts..."

3) Click the "Add" button, top right in the pop-up and select "Mail..."

4) Complete the boxes as best you can - you can check them later. For guidance see the key details on the right.

Update an Outlook Express Account:
When the screens have been completed, you may need to check and correct an entry.

5) Go to "Tools" on the top menu bar
6) Select "Accounts..."
7) Select the "Mail" tab
8) Highlight the new account you have just created and click the "Properties" button

9) Under the "General" tab:
9a) The "Mail Account" box is just a description that only you will see and helps you identify this account in the future.
9b) The other boxes are also optional but it is best to complete them.  The first two appear on emails you send to identify you and the second two tell the recipient your email address and specify where the reply comes to when they click the "Reply" button.

10) Under the "Servers" tab: 
10a)  Ensure that the four boxes contain the details at the top of this email.  It is likely that you will need to change at least the Account name because often it will contain just the addressees but it does need to be the complete email address.
10b)  Normally, you should leave the "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" box unticked.
10c)  The "My server requires authentication" box under the "Outgoing Mail Server" should be left unticked unless you have been instructed differently by your ISP.

*  If you are unsure and are Using Outlook Express 6,  follow steps 5-8 above but select an existing account that is working, if you have one.  Then look under the "Servers" tab and make a note of the contents of the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) box.

The key details you will need for receiving emails are as follows:

Incoming mail (POP3):
e.g. mail.mydomain.co.uk

Outgoing mail (SMTP): Whatever you are using at present for your other mail or as instructed by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) *

Email address:
e.g. info@mydomain.co.uk

Account name: this can also be referred to as username


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